Prayers Please

We are asking for prayers all around for our family!

We received our final USCIS approval on March 30th. Our agency is currently filing our DS260 and once that is filed we will receive our embassy appointment date. Which also means we will have travel dates! We are asking you to specifically pray that we receive those dates this week. We would love to travel before Easton is out of school. 

We also received all of eastons genetics tests and have our appointment scheduled with the doctor who will break everything down for us. Unfortunately it’s the same day we see a developmental pediatrician. It will be a long, busy day, but we are asking you to pray that we will finally have some answers for Easton and start a path to healing for him!

As always we ask for prayer for our daughter so that her heart will be prepared for the events that will soon transpire. We are so ready for her, I just pray she is ready for us!