Homestretch and Other Happenings  

Can I just say how thankful I am that spring is near!! It’s time for baseball, swimming, shorts, and traveling to get our daughter! The last one being the best part of course!

A few updates on our lives around here then an update on our adoption.

Easton just turned 9! To celebrate our sweet boy we took a trip instead of doing a party and gifts. Easton loves to pack a suitcase and just ride. More than that he loves water. We took a short trip to gatlinburg for a weekend and let him swim his heart out. He’s getting pretty good at swimming. We are so excited about summer and being on the swim team.

Here’s a little from our trip…


Speaking of teams…we also signed Easton up for tee ball. Now we really aren’t sure how it’ll go as he’d much rather watch baseball than play it but we figured it’s worth a try. 

Dustin helps coach baseball at our high school so we got to go enjoy the opening game of the season. Easton looooved it and sat attentively for 6 solid innings. I mean that’s basically a miracle!

We are also still waiting for all of eastons genetic testing to come back. We have our Courtagen results but not 23&me so we are still waiting for our consultation. By looking at the hits Easton has on his Courtagen test it appears we could be facing some mitochondrial disease but I can’t be certain. We are so anxious to hear from the doctor! Hopefully it will be soon. 

On April 20th we will see a developmental specialist and we were hoping to have had our genetic testing complete by then. Keeping our fingers crossed!
In other news…


We sent off our final I800 package to USCIS Monday. Meaning within the next 2-3 weeks the embassy in our daughters country will have final go ahead to issue a visa based on USCIS approval for her to become a citizen. Once they receive the ok, we will begin planning travel! Agh, we are so excited. Right now I’m guessing we will leave around the 2nd week in May. Obviously that can change but it won’t be too far off we hope. 

May must be our magical month as it’s the month we traveled to meet Easton 3 years ago. 

We are thankful it’ll be warm weather and perhaps we can go outside a lot during our 3 week stay in country. 

Please continue to pray for our daughters heart. She is very connected to her foster mother and this will be a very difficult transition for her. 

We already love her so much and can’t wait to bring her home!


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