Preparing our Hearts and Home

It’s time for an adoption update….

Many of you know we started this journey a second time around to adopt a sweet kiddo from India. Nearly a year into the process we were finally able to send our paperwork over for approval to adopt. Only 2 short weeks later we were given the news that India felt we would not be able to handle a second child since we already had one with special needs. Our agency appealed the decision and 1 looong month later they answered by standing firm in their decision and we were forced to pull out of that adoption. To be honest I’ve never felt such peace rush over me when we were told no. It truly could have only been from God. I knew He was in this moment and that whatever He had planned was for the best.

We spent weeks going back and forth about what to do. Should we go back to Bulgaria, or choose a different program all together? We looked over country after country, talked to friends, reviewed a few files and prayed like no other. We knew if we didn’t stay with our agency we would lose almost $4000. After talking with multiple agencies we felt it would just be best to stay with our agency and go with their China program. It fit our budget, travel time works and the children on the waiting list had an array of needs…many of which we were open to. The trouble was needing to be 30 to proceed. Our agency assured us we could put everything on hold and pick right back up in March 2017 when I turned 29 1/2. This was the path we chose. It didn’t force us to make quick irrational decisions so We signed the paperwork and that was that.

We took a deep breath because for the first time in nearly 4 years we weren’t in the middle of an adoption. It sort of felt nice but my heart hurt. I knew a child was missing from our home. Nonetheless this was what we chose and I needed to let it be, so I did.

Until 3 weeks ago….

A dear friend of ours emailed us about a file posted on a popular advocacy page called rainbow kids. She knew we had put our adoption on hold but she felt this little girl was perfect for our family and the country she was in would be a great program for us. I’m not going to lie… I immediately checked it. There was no picture and only a brief paragraph of information. But her needs seemed so manageable and above all else she needed a family. 

Dustin and I talked it over and we decided it couldn’t hurt to inquire. So we did. We were told we’d have to write a letter to her government to ask permission to see her file and adopt her. So we did. On a Monday our letter was sent. On Tuesday we received a YES! 

Last week we were sent her file with 3 pictures of the sweetest blond haired darling you’ve ever seen and a smile so contagious. 

We spent the next 4 days emailing the agency probably a hundred times asking questions and each time they responded quickly. We knew in our hearts we would say yes to this sweetie, but there were many logistics that must work out to proceed. We assumed we would have 6-8 months to get the funds together and then would need to make arrangements for Easton due to the amount of time we’d have to spend in country.

One in particular email I sent voiced these concerns to the agency and she corrected me by saying travel would likely happen in 7 WEEKS!  Because we were paper ready and so was the child everything would happen very quickly! YIKES!!!

I’ve always said that when God does things in our lives He does it in a way that proves It was His plan, otherwise it could never happen. 

We had resources saved from fundraising for our India adoption but only about 1/3 of the funds we would need to gather in the remaining 7 weeks. Every phone call we made and conversation we had pushed us forward to stepping out in faith and believing these funds will come. Family agreed to keep Easton while we travel and we know he’ll be in great hands!

Tuesday night we sent the email “we would like to move forward with her adoption”!!

Due to the country’s laws on privacy we can not share pictures, names, or location publicly. But know that this darling is already so loved and Easton has learned the word sister!! We are about to break a record in the world of adoption timelines and hope to have her home by Christmas. We’ve been preparing our hearts for some time for a sibling and now we have a few weeks to prepare our home for her arrival.

We covet everyone’s prayers as we set out to add to our family. This will be an adjustment for all of us but we are beyond thrilled. Once again this was not our plan, but God always blows us away when He steps in to shake things up!! I’m so thankful He’s in control instead of us. 

We can’t wait to introduce our daughter to the world!!


Weekend Getaway

Our family had the opportunity to spend the weekend in a cabin at the smokey mountains! We’ve had such a great time and this has by far been the best trip Easton has had in terms of behavior. He’s participated and been such a great kid this weekend! He even willingly walked the streets of gatlinburg which is monumental. 

I love this new era in our lives where we can look forward to vacations. It’s nice to just be a family that can enjoy things and not stress about how Easton will do away from home!!