Nice change

So Easton has struggled a lot in school this year. I’m not sure if it’s the new school and new staff or just Easton…being Easton..but he’s pressed every button he knows to push. From running out of the classroom to laying down and refusing to walk or from hitting the teacher to scratching other students in the hall , he’s tried it all this year. 

At this point I almost dread seeing the teachers name come across my phone. I definitely dread reading the daily communication that comes home with him.


Today I saw the teachers name come across my phone in form of text and my stomach sank. But I read it and my heart just leaped for joy! Wow he’s having an awesome day!!! 

Did it really say that?

Yes. Yes it did!

He’s having a great day!

I’m seriously feeling a turning point here and I certainly hope this upward momentum sticks. It’s not easy to know your child is wreaking havoc. But my heart just smiles when I know he’s being the boy I know he can be! 

To top it off he set through an entire haircut this evening with no wiggle or fuss! Yes I just said that…no fuss!

Thank you Jesus!



Weekend Wonders

I’m loving our recent explosion in development!

We’ve never been able to slow Easton down long enough to focus on anything baseball related so this was exciting! He has excellent hand eye coordination but lacks in hand strength, but you’ve gotta start somewhere!


Easton learned to ride his bike this weekend!

This is so huge for him because upon homecoming the kid could barely walk. To be able to alternate his feet in order to pedal is a major developmental milestone and we are soooo excited!!!  
Lots of great things going on around here.


I promise to give an update to our adoption soon. Just know that it is still our plan and we are figuring out the next steps as a family before we make it public!



Due to changing phones we’ve had to change blogs so that we’re able to upload videos and pictures.

I’m hoping there are benefits to this and it becomes easier to blog and post pictures/videos!

If you want to check out our old blog and adoption journey, you can do that Here

Thanks for coming by!